Sunday, June 19, 2011

June19: Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

So I have been here a few weeks now, and though we have been to some really beautiful places and done lots of fun things, I am definitely at the mercy of my friend.  She's a wonderful person, but we are very different.  She doesn't like to explore the way I do.  I dragged her along paths, on long rides, and into cathedrals with me, but in general she just has no interest and would rather stay home. 
I was stuck between being her guest (where I don't really know people and the area and should mostly keep by her) and being myself (inquisitive, restless, and anxious to wander).  I thought things might get kind of ugly.  But today I had a genius idea that has led to a major breakthrough.  I printed out a google map of the neighborhood- Itea Court in Regents Park, all the way to Browns Plains (where the mall is and where I have occasionally persuaded to walk with me, even though she hates walking).  There are 9 parks on this map, 9!  And I am pretty good at finding my way around when I have a map.
So this afternoon I got my ipod, my camera, and my map, and I headed out to explore!  I was gone for about an hour, walking along neighborhood streets, south to the market corner, east to Acorus Park (where I found a 1.5 k Green Loop, along a beautiful natural trail, and just before dark arrived back at home.  I marked my path on the map and it's gratifying to see where I've been and how much is left to walk.  It has become my new goal while I'm here to walk as much as possible and go to all 9 parks.  And I thought, this is a great thing to do no matter where you live or how many times you've walked your streets.  Print a map of the neighborhood, or a neighborhood nearby, and find some treasure...

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