Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oct 26: Everybody Calm Down

Wow.  Dealing with so much drama today.  Usually I can kind of separate myself from all of it, be surrounded by it, and yet have this inner calm, and deal with the situation.  But today I got so defensive of a loved one and so frustrated that this ignorant, selfish person was attacking them, that I lost it.  I was heart-pounding, hands-shaking, nail-spitting angry.  So now I am trying to calm down.  It's really hard, once you've let yourself get all worked up.  But getting angry doesn't solve the situation. 
I've been looking up tips online for controlling anger, calming down after a confrontation, etc., and I have found some interesting and diverse tips.  From things like prayer, journaling, venting to a friend, taking deep breaths, getting exercise, burning lavender or vanilla candles, to unique things like tearing paper and beating a couch with a plastic bat, there are plenty of options and one is bound to work for you.  I do know one thing: after you've calmed down a little, you must deal with a situation, not ignore it, if you expect to feel better.
So here's to calming down and dealing with things in a more dignified manner. Horray...

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