Saturday, December 17, 2011


This has been one of the things on my dorky dailies list for the month of December, but I am way behind.  Or at least, that's what I thought.  Today I read an ebook by Amy Parmenter called "Know Where To Go."  It's a short book about making changes to have a more fulfilling and happy life.  She shares six steps to make positive change in your life:
1- Consciousness- you have to come to a realization of who you are and how you got here
2- Reflect- take a long hard look at yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, needs, desires, faiths, and fears
3- Emote- focus on how you feel about who you are individual aspects of your life
4- Aspire- with a fresh perspective, make your mind and heart open to new possibilities
5- Try- make goals to try instead of to achieve, it's far more enjoyable and less intimidating
6- Emerge- move forward with direction, a positive attitude, and confidence
She ended by stating that her father is an artist, and that she had always bemoaned the fact that she didn't have a creative bone in her body.  Like her, I applied the word "creative" to art, music, etc.  But creativity is simply the ability to create new ideas, and that can apply to every area of our lives.  It wasn't until she pointed it out that I realized the first letter in each the six steps spell out the word CREATE.  May we each use our God-given creativity to create a beautiful, fulfilling life!

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