Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 15-26: Snap Out of It!

Well, as you can probably see, I have gotten pretty behind in blogging. So behind and out of it, in fact, that today I actually had to sit down and have a long think about why I am trying to do this in the first place.  I knew when I set out, right?  I certainly know why I stopped.  I have given up.  Not just on blogging, on lots of things in my life.  And so I am trying to snap out of it.  What does it mean to snap out of it?  According to "The Free Dictionary," it means "to move quickly back to one's normal condition from an undesirable condition, such as depression, grief, or self-pity."  Now I'm not sure that I have a "normal condition," but depression, grief, and self-pity?  I have been all over that.  Lately things seem to be getting worse and worse, my efforts have been getting more and more feeble, my enthusiasm has been dissolving.  "Loss in things that used to interest me?" Check.  "Difficulty concentrating?" Check.  "Feelings of sadness, guilt, insecurity, worthlessness, irritability, and restlessness?"  Check, check, check, check, check, and check.  Do I like admitting this? Absolutely not.  Can I change it?  Definitely.  
So after being grounded for way too long, I am preparing for takeoff once again.  Checking engines, securing seat-belts, testing the flaps, blah blah blah...  Here we go again.

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