Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 2, 4, 6-14: Once More, With Feeling!

Ever feel like just when you're starting to put your life together, like a giant, beautiful puzzle, some stupid kid runs into the room, screaming, with peanut-butter on his fingers and slathered all over his face, and runs right over it, scattering the pieces and losing a dozen under the couch?  No?  Too specific?  Well, that is how my life is feeling lately.  Just take the date title of this post- if that isn't confusing, I don't know what is...
So, making things up again and getting back on the wagon... Here are some thoughts from the days I missed: 1.) If you're open to it, spiritual inspiration is always trying to reach you when you need it most.  2.) Good food and music are like salve to the soul.  3.) Light and knowledge are spiritual gifts that enable us to act and move.  4.) Being grateful for the good things in your life brings you more good things.  5.) Give things a chance, because you never know.  6.) Keep trying.  7.) Get lost in an incredible performance (Hello, 5 Browns!)  8.) Keep trying again.  9.) Go on an adventure (and make the best of it when things don't quite turn out like you'd planned.) and 10.)  Keep trying more.
Ah... that feels better.  All caught up!  (Well, kind of.)  I think that I've missed some really good post opportunities, because so much has happened.  Today I was kind of down.  I was thinking of all the things I need to do, feeling stuck and trapped and depressed.  But then I gave myself a mental slap in the face, because I refuse to be in a bad mood just because it's easy.  And THEN... after buckling down to work for 3 solid hours, I rewarded myself with a piece of chocolate.  And b/c it was Dove, it not only tasted amazing, but  had a quote inside.  And it just happened to say, "Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances."  Like I said before, inspiration reaches us when we need it most.

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