Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 10-14: Keep Moving Forward

Oh, man! Things have been crazy.  It seems like the more things stack up in front of me, the harder I try to avoid them.  I didn't write or paint all week until tonight!  Somehow other little projects and "to-do's" crept in and took over.  Some of them- like getting my visa and straightening out a banking error, were pretty important.  Others, like watching "Taboo"... not so much.  Why do we do that?  Well, as preparation for my RS lesson tomorrow, I have been finishing a book my Dad gave me over a year ago.  It's called "The Artist's Way- A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity."  I started reading and absolutely LOVED it!  And then I moved to St. Aug, started a job, got distracted, (and according to this book, was probably subconsciously blocking myself from progression).  Anyway, my lesson is on developing talents, and I realized this book has a lot of things to say about that.  So I have plowed through it, enjoying every delicious word and concept.  I've learned that often it is not laziness that keeps us from doing things, but fear.  We are afraid of looking stupid, we are afraid of attention, we are afraid of a moment, a person, a situation, not being good enough, and so instead of comforting and reassuring ourselves and taking baby steps and actually progressing, we obsess, worry, and avoid.  Well, no more.  The way to overcome this fear is affirmative ACTION.  And so after days of reading, thinking, avoiding, tonight I sat down and wrote.  I worked on my lesson, and I started those last two pesky paintings I've been avoiding.  I'm not at the finish-line... but I've taken huge leaps in it's direction.

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.

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