Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3: Divide and Conquer

 This post is not about math (thank goodness).  I am thinking a lot about all the things I need to get done before I leave.  And as I was telling a friend, I feel like I should be stressed, but I am strangely exhilarated.  However, I know I need to really focus and prioritize to get it all done in time.  And so after making a list (which is getting longer every day), I am setting a few daily standards for how much I need to get done each day.  Today I took my first bite of the elephant and it tasted pretty good.  I lined up some VS articles, started the third temple painting, and got lots of research done for Australia.
Anyway, if you are having trouble balancing several projects, try out some of these tips: 1.) Grab your calendar and make sure important deadlines and events are all on there, it's good to be able to take a look at the month as a whole before you strategize.  2.) Make a list of goals/projects, and use abc's or 123's to prioritize them.  If you are feeling overloaded, you might have to drop or postpone a few of them.  3.) Devise a chart to monitor your progress, and reward yourself as you go.  4.) Allot time for each project, and give that time the focus it deserves.  If you have a thought that pertains to another project, make a note and continue with the project at hand.  (This one is tough for me, as I am easily distracted.)  and 5.) Sometimes when it's crunch time you have to suck it up and work hard to get things done.

"The Secret of getting things done is to act."  ~Dante Alghieri

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