Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21: You Create Your Reality

Last year I went to a Relief Society Conference in Idaho.  I remember absolutely nothing except a few thoughts from one class, taught by an artist.  She reminded us that as beings of a Creator, we have creative capacity within us.  She talked about how important it was to try new things, to work with our hands, to use our imagination.  And then she asked us to imagine ourselves as a blank wall.  Do we let other people decide how we are decorated?  Or do we decorate our own wall?  Who we are is a direct result of the choices we've made, from where we live, what we do, how we look, who is in our lives, the struggles we face, the successes we've had.  Once we accept that, we can begin now to focus on what we want for our future.  Because in ten years, we will be living in the reality that we started creating right now. We are both the artist and the masterpiece.  This is a concept I'd heard many times before, but it was never so apparent as when I recently watched "The Secret."  In it, educated people from various fields in the United States discuss this concept of "the power of attraction."  Basically it states: Every aspect of our lives (positive or negative) has been attracted to us by our own thoughts, feelings, and actions.
     In a way that kind of sucks.  That means we are responsible for our own circumstances, we can't blame anyone else.  But it also endows us with limitless power to shape our lives.  So, how do we begin doing that?  It comes down to clear and positive thinking, practicing feeling it as a reality, seizing big or small opportunities to realize your goals, and expressing gratitude for the wonderful things in your life (even those you don't have yet.)  And so, I have decided to put this "secret" stuff to the test.  More on this later...

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