Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 9-16: Make Up

Ok, as you see, time snuck away from me again.  Actually, it punched me in the face and ran away giggling.  We have been having internet problems again, and rather than writing out my posts each day and then putting them in individually as I should, I just let them pass by altogether, something I have a bad habit of doing.  Some of you may recall me talking about my Dailies- a dorky little chart I made of things I want to do every day (but am too stupid to remember without a dumb chart).  Things like praying, meditating, writing my morning pages, going for a walk, doing yard work.  I try to get in a little of each one every day, but often, things do not go according to plan.  Making a dorky chart not only helps me remember, it helps me take a look at what things I am really good about doing every day (like my morning pages) and what things I totally suck at (working on my book).  And because I am an ocd freak, these empty little boxes get on my nerves.  So I have recently come up with the idea of making up overdue dailies.  If I have an empty box in, say, meditating, I will make it up by meditating twice on makeup day, or for twice as long.  Making things up should not be too easy, but it should also not be so difficult that you throw out the idea altogether.
     And to make up for my overdue posts, I'd like to present 7 little themes from the past week: 1.) pain is your body's way of telling you you are really out of shape 2.) rain is awesome- especially when it gives you an excuse to take the day off 3.) puzzles are good for your brain but can be addicting and distracting if you are a major dork 4.) good movies are made better when you watch them with people you love 5.) even if things don't go according to plan, they usually work out (so calm down)  6.) angry people can often be distracted when you compliment them or give them candy, and 7.) the amount of wisdom you gain from life is in direct correlation with how earnestly you seek it.
     Sometimes we feel like the rabbit chasing the carrot on the stick, we can see it, but we never quite get there.  But there are some little things that we CAN catch up on, and accomplishing those little things can add up to a lot of satisfaction.  There now, I feel better already.

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