Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jan 25. See the Difference

For those of you who read yesterday's post, you'll be glad to know I woke up a full hour earlier today:) Baby steps... Also here to report that hesitating does not make things go easier, and that it rained all afternoon and into the evening.  In fact, it rained so much, and was accompanied by such dangerous lightning and wind, that we missed our weekly scripture class, deciding that it was too dangerous to go out.  And sadly I've noticed (as I usually do when I've missed something that's good for me) a difference. We can see from how we feel when we've missed something just how much it actually does for us.  When we eat healthy food and exercise, we feel better.  When we've had a good nights' sleep, we are more energized the next day.  When someone has been unkind to us, or something is frustrating us, we may be a little meaner or snippier to those around us.  I try very hard to be self-aware.  I don't like to lose control, act out of habit or emotion, or go numbly through life.  I like to study the way I think, feel, and act and try to find patterns and ways to improve.   Imagine your life like these flowers here, what things in it are making it flourish, grow, and what things are holding you back?

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  1. So... after avidly reading you blogs, I've decided that I should probably post some thoughts up instead of waiting until I get home to tell you what I thought of your blog for the day:) So,this is definitely something I 'm having to work on. It's so true what you said about feeling a difference as far as church goes. Every Sunday that I go, I'm in a better mood and things just click. I can relax once I get home and it helps me enjoy my weekend better as a whole. I loved the image too. I can totally pinpoint what flower I feel/look like on certain days.