Friday, January 28, 2011

Jan 28. Be Interested

Today between taking a friend to the airport and having dinner at my G-ma's, my sister and I had some time to kill.  And so on a whim, we decided to go see the movie "Tangled," which I cannot praise enough.  I laughed, I cried, I marveled, and I walked away with so many thoughts I hardly know what to do with them.  Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE movies!  Absolutely, obsessively, recklessly love them.  I have, of course, been criticized for this.  "You can't live your life through movies," they tell me.  Or "You don't have to see every movie that exists, you know."  Okay, so no one has told me that exactly, but I get that vibe sometimes.
But the thing about movies is that they are a lot like meeting a new person.  Every movie (even the ones that aren't so "good") has it's own story, place, time, attitude, message... If you are interested in life, you will be interested in movies, because movies contain all aspects of life, and beyond what life allows into imagination.  
And while it's good to be educated, inspired, or enlightened by film, it can also be cathartic just to have a good laugh or cry.  I own a ton of movies, and with each one I can tell you the background, the personality, the feelings, and the meaning I get from each one.  They are like my treasures.  If someone asked me if there was a fire and I could only grab my movies or a family member, I would reply, "That's not fair, my movies don't have legs."  So while I'm not endorsing wasting your life away in front of the tv, I am definitely suggesting you see at least a few movies a week.  Mix up who you watch them with and what kind of movies you're watching- for every movie you see, your perspective and experience broadens.  Above all, be interested, because the more interested we are, the more interesting we become.

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