Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb 23: Get Inspired

This was the  I slept in, I wrote, I walked downtown and just browsed in little shops for a few hours, and then I went through tons of photos from the past few months and remembered how blessed I am to do so many fun things with people I love.  My theme today is on getting inspired.  With all the new opportunities I've had come up lately, I am seeking more than ever for new ideas and inspiration.  My time downtown was just what I needed.  I felt so alive as I walked along the windy bayfront.  I listened to street musicians, bought a delicious chicken wrap from "Mary's Harbor View Cafe," found the cutest new shops, looked at art, and got to know my city again.  It's easy to know what inspires us (traveling, reading, music, movies), but it's hard to make sure we do those things on a regular basis.  Here in St. Augustine, there is so much at our fingertips that it can be overwhelming.  Some of us have lived here so long that we take it for granted.  But when life is wearing us down or we are feeling lost, dreary, or uninspired, we can turn to those things that lift us up.  The places that take our breath away, the people who love and encourage us, the experiences that remind us to enjoy the simple things, those are the things that make life worth living.
     I researched ways to get inspired and found these interesting tips: 1.) go for a walk, 2.) write a letter or call someone, 3.) indulge your senses (eat something yummy, light some candles, listen to music, take a warm bath)  4.) meditate (sometimes calming your mind clears space for new ideas to grow)  5.)  study the work of other people whose creativity or talent you admire.  PLEASE comment if you try these suggestions and let me know what came of it.  I'm very curious, and I believe sharing in and of itself is inspiring.

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